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Our Sewing and Design Professional Education Program is a performance-based program that was developed by the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals. It is based on Standards of Quality and is open to anyone with a sewing-related business. Our education provides the professional with the prestigious credentials that validate skills and expertise.

This evaluation of professional custom sewing and design work accomplishes five important goals:

  • It upholds high standards of workmanship.
  • It validates the sewing and design professional’s skills.
  • It educates the sewing professional in the evaluation of her/his work, aiding in the development of skills.
  • It provides a benchmark of superior quality for the consumer.
  • It encourages and attracts new and talented people to be certified.

This program consists of seven modules, each with its own specific requirements and methods of testing. Upon successful completion of all seven modules, participants will receive a certificate proclaiming their achievement, along with the right to use the Master Sewing and Design Professional designation in his/her business.

Sewing Classes

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Sewing Classes