What Are The Most Common Types Of Clothing Alterations?

If you’re thinking about clothing alterations in Jacksonville, FL, you might be wondering what types of tasks a clothing alteration specialist can perform. Learn more about some common clothing alterations and their respective levels of complexity:

Simple alterations: Zipper and button replacement are among the easier, less complex alterations to perform. Other relatively simple alterations that a clothing alteration specialist can complete are adjustments to pant length. It is also relatively straightforward to adjust the length of jacket sleeves that do not have lining or buttons.

Moderately complex alterations: There are a number of alterations that a skilled clothing alteration specialist can perform that go beyond basic tasks, and that can make a real difference in extending the life of your garment. These include, but are not limited to, taking in or opening up a pair of pants or tapering pant legs, altering a shirt to feature a new collar, adjusting the length of lined jacket sleeves with non-working buttons and taking in or opening up a jacket.

More involved alterations: Alterations that are considered more difficult for clothing alteration specialists to complete are typically those that require extensive changes to the look of a garment. If you require one or more of these changes, keep in mind that the cost will be higher than for less complex garment adjustments, and that these alterations may be best performed by a highly experienced professional. Among the alterations that fall into this category are replacing the lining in a garment, adjusting a jacket’s overall length and making changes to the length of jacket sleeves that are lined and feature working buttons. Reweaving, which involves mending smaller holes with fabric from elsewhere on the same garment, is also considered a fairly complex alteration.

Advanced alterations: If you have a garment requiring these types of changes, you may want to consider whether you are willing to pay a relatively high cost for the alteration, or if it would be more logical for you to purchase a new garment. Advanced alterations include any changes made to a garment’s shoulders or to the way a garment, such as a jacket, is connected between the front and back.

While a skilled clothing alteration specialist can make an older garment look fresh and up to date, or turn a piece of clothing in need of repair back into a staple of your wardrobe, there are some instances when a garment can’t be saved by alteration.

If an item of clothing has been burned or exposed to acid, or features large tears in the fabric on an area other than the seam, it won’t be able to be salvaged by a repair.

Once you’re up to speed on what types of alterations can be made to your garment, you’ll want to find a business you can trust to perform high-quality clothing alterations in Jacksonville, FL Lee’s Alterations and Tailoring has been in business for more than 30 years and offers next-day services, as well as regular business hours and off-hour alterations by appointment only. We look forward to working with you!

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