What You Should Know Before Arranging For Tailoring In Jacksonville, FL

If you’ve never had an item of clothing tailored before, you might be curious about why it’s an option worth considering. A garment that has been tailored can help make it look like it was made just for you, and may even allow you to continue wearing an item of clothing that you thought was destined for the donation pile.

Before you seek out tailoring services in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll want to be familiar with some basic terminology and concepts. Getting up to speed before you visit a tailor will make your experience proceed smoother and more quickly. Here are some definitions to learn:

Taking in a garment: If you want your jacket or other item of clothing to fit more closely to your body, your tailor may refer to this process as taking in the garment.

Letting out a garment: This term refers to the loosening of a garment so that more fabric is present in a certain area. If your item of clothing needs to be let out, you’ll first want to be sure that there is enough fabric to work with. This means that if you are considering purchasing a new garment, or if you have inherited a piece of clothing from a friend or relative that you anticipate taking to a tailor to be made bigger, you’ll want to be sure that the excess fabric along the seams measures a minimum of ¾ to 1 ¼ inches.

Break: If your pants need altering, don’t forget to think about how they will rest over the top of your shoes. This draping is called a break.

Darning: Your tailor may use this sewing technique to make repairs to holes or any other areas that have become worn by using a needle and thread. Darning is frequently used to fix holes and tears that are not along a seam, or that are located in a spot where patching is not a practical option.

Inseam: This term refers to the seam that runs along an inner pant leg. Your tailor may measure the inseam of your garment, which entails measuring the length from the bottom of the crotch to the lower ankle.

Hem: A hem is the edge of the fabric that must be sewn so that the garment does not unravel. A tailor can hem pants that are too long to bring them up to a shorter length.

Dart: A dart is a fold sewn into an item of clothing that is designed to enhance your shape. You will frequently see darts as part of women’s blouses and dresses.

Being able to communicate what changes you’d like made to a particular garment will help ensure your satisfaction with a tailor’s services. You’ll also feel more comfortable visiting a tailor for any future clothing alteration services you require.

For expert and high-quality tailoring in Jacksonville, FL, visit Lee’s Alterations and Tailoring. We are experienced in working with all clothing types, and our services range from bridal garment modifications to jean alterations. Some of our most commonly performed services include tailoring and alteration, mending, re-cutting men’s suits, button and zipper repairs, hemming, re-sizing garments and more. Stop by today!

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